Kinetics Noise Control Launches NOISEBLOCK™ QuickWall, A New Rooftop Ballast Barrier Wall

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Dublin, OH, June 16, 2022 | Kinetics Noise Control Inc. (Kinetics), a Catalyst Acoustics Group company, is delighted to announce the launch of the NOISEBLOCK™ QuickWall ballast barrier wall, improving on its NOISEBLOCK™ line of industrial and environmental noise control solutions. NOISEBLOCK QuickWall delivers the same noise reduction as Kinetics NOISEBLOCK barrier wall system, but is easier to install, using its own weight and gravity to be held in place on rooftops. Many neighborhoods have strict noise ordinances, and NOISEBLOCK QuickWall is the ideal solution for retrofit noise control at restaurants, commercial buildings, shopping malls, schools, recreational facilities, parks, and other outdoor applications.

The product can be installed on any flat roof composed of TPO, PVC, or EPDM membranes, and asphalt based built-up roofing (gravel top layer). The design greatly reduces the need for rigid connections to the roof structure, eliminating interference with activities within the building. Its size makes it the perfect barrier around light duty rooftop mechanical equipment including air conditioners, condensers, fans, or pumps, helping to muffle unwanted outdoor noise that otherwise would negatively affect surrounding residential and commercial buildings.

“Because QuickWall does not require roof penetration to be held in place, its installation will not negatively impact any roof warranty or water tightness,” notes John Sofra, Kinetics Director of Sales – North America for the Commercial “Airside,” Industrial, and Environmental Market Groups. “Offering a 1.00 NRC, it’s a premium noise control solution without a premium investment.”

QuickWall comes in two configurations: three-sided with both side walls of equal length or four-sided in rectangular or square shapes. NOISEBLOCK wall systems are available with mill or factory powder-coat finishes in an array of standard colors, or, if preferred, color matching is available.

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About Kinetics Noise Control

Established in 1958 as industrial consultants focused on controlling sound and vibration, Kinetics now produces the industry’s largest selection of products and solutions that control airborne noise, isolate structure-borne vibration, enhance room acoustics, create quiet spaces, and restrain non-structural building systems.

About Catalyst Acoustics Group

Catalyst Acoustics Group is the parent company of an elite group of acoustic, seismic, vibration and noise control companies that together, offer the broadest portfolio of noise control solutions in the market today. The independent brands, channels to market, products and services offered by each business remain unique, while leveraging the scale, deep functional expertise, broad channel reach and significant financial resources.

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