Create Quiet Products

Noise Control Building Materials Group (NCBM) together with our local Representatives are focused on helping you create quiet. Whether you are an acoustics expert reviewing sound test reports for our products, an architect looking for a CAD detail of a fire-rated assembly, or a contractor securing lost closeout documents, NCBM is your Kinetics Noise Control resource offering products and documentation covering a wide range of floor, ceiling, and partition isolation requirements.


From everyday noise concerns treated with products readily assembled from in-stock components to severe structural isolation challenges requiring a custom product solution, acoustics professionals rely on NCBM’s expertise to design and deliver the right product solution.


NCBM produces industry-leading shop drawings which include acoustic, structural, and product location information. Potential acoustical design concerns are brought to light even if not directly related to our products, giving peace of mind that the noise control composite will be installed correctly and function as intended.


Previously unknown job conditions requiring design changes can be responded to quickly and effectively. Our proprietary AutoCAD plug-ins coupled with information gathered from our local representative team assures contractors they are not left on their own after product is delivered to the jobsite.

NCBM invites you to work with us on your next project that requires product solutions for noise control applications.