KINETICS® NOISEBLOCK™Chiller Stacks and Pergolas

NOISEBLOCK™ chiller stacks and pergolas control upward sound propagation from up-blast chiller fans, delivering an estimated 12-15 dBA reduction at ultra-low pressure drop allowing equipment to operate unfettered.

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  • Controls “upward” sound propagation from up-blast chiller fans.
  • Estimated 12-15 dBA reduction at 5'-0" above.
  • Designed to exhibit no more than 0.05 inches WG pressure drop at rated chiller airflow cfm.
  • Stack to be supported completely separate of chiller.
  • Support structure to be supplied completely bolt together no field welding required. All bolts, nuts and washers included.
  • Reaction forces at base plates of columns supplied by Kinetics so engineer of record can determine foundation and foundation anchors.
  • Stack is constructed of NOISEBLOCK 4-inch thick panels, 16 ga. solid / 22 gage perforated, galvanized sheet steel.
  • NOISEBLOCK pergola panels are 22 ga. solid / 22 gage perforated, galvanized sheet steel.
  • Insulating media suitable for wet/dry, freeze/thaw cycling.
  • Factory powder-coated per selection of Kinetics standard colors.

NOISEBLOCK Chiller Stacks


NOISEBLOCK™ Acoustic Enclosures

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