KINETICS® OvationAcoustical Reflector/Diffuser

Ovation acoustical reflector/diffuser panels create superior acoustics in auditoriums, performance spaces, and lecture halls.

Ovation panels are perfect for auditoriums, lecture halls, and performing arts centers. Ovation is designed for large spaces that require improved sound directivity, strength, and timing of reflections from the ceiling area.

Ovation panels provide flexibility in acoustic and aesthetic design. Panel radiuses and dimensions can be configured to optimize acoustic performance. Panel shapes and finishes allow designers to integrate Ovation into a variety of décors.

Ovation panels are ceiling-suspended with attachment points on steel framing. The panels are shipped flat and are bowed in the field. The degree of the radius curve is adjusted in the field using turnbuckle and cable suspension to meet the architect’s or acoustical consultant’s specifications.


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Gel Coat Options

  • Gel coat with 1/2" plywood core in glossy (standard) or satin (optional) finish
  • Select from standard colors or color match
  • Up to 20' nominal length along the non-bowed side
  • Bowing side up to 9'-4" (satin) or 9'-10" (gloss)

Laminate and Veneer Options

  • Laminate facing or hardwood veneer with a 3/4" core board
  • Up to 20' nominal length along the non-bowed side
  • Bowing side up to 9'-11-1/2"

Can be spliced to create continuous widths
Approximate weight 3 psf
Optional: Absorber or mass layer on back side

See data sheet, page 2, for acoustical data and more information

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  • Large spaces that require improved directional strength and timing of sound reflections to greatly enhance listening quality
  • Auditoriums
  • Lecture Halls
  • Performing Arts Centers
  • Worship Spaces
  • Music Rehearsal Spaces