KINETICS® PABAcoustical Ceiling Baffles

Crisp corners and a tailored finish appearance make this fabric faced baffle an attractive solution to reverberant noise problems in areas needing sound control at the ceiling level.

We suggest KINETICS PAB baffles in large spaces with high ceilings where noise and reverberation levels are a concern.

PAB baffles are constructed from a 1-1/2" thick fiberglass core encased in a rigid, lightweight PVC frame. The fiberglass provides exceptional sound absorption while the spline-and-groove fabric attachment at the frame allows for easy replacement of the fabric covering, if damaged. Fully tailored corners give this baffle an attractive finished look.

Plated eyelets are anchored securely into the frame for use with suspension cables. Perfect for new or retrofit applications.


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  • Reverberant, “high ceiling” spaces where aesthetics is a priority
  • Large Open Office Spaces
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Church Fellowship Halls
  • Restaurants
  • High Ceiling Lobbies/Atriums