KINETICS® PCNoise Barrier/Absorber


KINETICS™ PC noise barrier/absorber composites are recommended for direct attachment to enclosure and barrier surfaces increasing sound “blocking,” transmission loss (STC) and sound absorption (NRC) characteristics. Both characteristics combined yield a high level of sound reduction. This product is available in single and double layer formats.

Single layer PC contains one, mass/barrier damping sheet and one, fiberglass absorption layer available un-faced (PC 410 GOD) or with a black, high temperature facing (PC 410 GBD).

Double layer PC (PC 410/410 GBD) consists of single layer PC plus one additional layer of fiberglass for decoupling the mass/barrier from the enclosure or barrier surface for increased sound blocking superior to adding mass directly to the enclosure or barrier surface.

Both are available in 36" x 42" sheets and can be die or saw cut to customer-specified dimensions.


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Noise Barrier/Absorber


As a guideline, single layer, un-faced or faced PC material can be installed using a factory applied release, “peel and stick” liner. For best structural strength, double layer PC material should be mechanically fastened to the enclosure or barrier surfaces especially on vertical and overhead applications.


PC material is effective when attached to the inside of equipment casings, enclosures or barriers surrounding noisy processes or equipment. Ideal for both standard and elevated temperature applications. Some examples:

  • Engine compartments or cabinets
  • Electric motor-driven equipment enclosures
  • Air compressor enclosures
  • Equipment guards
  • Aluminum or metal duct and shoots
  • In-plant personnel booths

PC Noise Barrier/Absorber

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