KINETICS® QuakeLoc™Seismic Cable Restraint Connector

QuakeLoc™ seismic cable restraint connector quickly and easily fastens cables used in the seismic restraint of piping, duct, electrical cable trays, and suspended equipment.

Seismic Cable Restraint Systems carry tension only loads along the axis of the cable. They are used in pairs 180-degrees apart to restrain pipe, duct, electrical distribution systems or equipment in each axis. Cable restraints provide a load path between the building and the restrained component to ensure that it moves with the building. Bracing is required on both primary axes for all restrained systems. Spacing is determined by the building code and specifying engineer. Cable restraints are required for isolated systems as rigid restraints such as strut will short circuit the isolation.


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QuakeLoc is part of Kinetics QuakeKit-P (Pipe), QuakeKit-D (Duct), and QuakeBulk seismic cable restraint systems. QuakeKits are competitively priced and offer significant labor savings when compared to standard wire rope clips. Each kit includes the necessary hardware to connect to suspended components. Hardware to attach QuakeKit systems to concrete, steel or wood structures is available.

QuakeKit-D for Duct, Suspended Equipment and Electrical

QuakeKit-D is specifically designed to provide the necessary components to properly restrain duct, electrical components and suspended equipment. Each prepackaged kit contains:

QuakeKit-P for Piping

Building code requires piping to be braced both in transverse and longitudinal directions. QuakeKit-P is specifically designed to provide the necessary components to properly restrain a piping system. Each prepackaged kit contains:


QuakeBulk is a universal kit specially designed for application where more than 15-ft of cable will be required. Bulk cable sold separately. The prepackaged kit contains:

QuakeKits Capacities

Model Cable Diameter Cable Length Max Cable Tension
QuakeKit-P/D-2 1/8 in 3 mm 15 ft 4.57 m 1000 lbs 454 kg
QuakeKit-P/D-3 3/16 in 5 mm 15 ft 4.57 m 2100 lbs 953 kg
QuakeKit-P/D-4 1/4 in 6 mm 15 ft 4.57 m 3350 lbs 1520 kg

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QuakeLoc Seismic Cable Restraint Connectors

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