Seismic Bracing
KINETICS® QuakeStrut™ (KSSB)

Seismic Bracing

QuakeStrut is an attachment for rigid channel bracing when tight ceiling conditions do not allow for the use of cable restraint kits. QuakeStrut is available with or without attachment hardware. QuakeStrut-1 is used when you are through bolting to strut and offers an economical rigid bracing options. QuakeStrut-2 is the full assembly with all of the hardware to connect to strut. Both options are FM Approved Class 1950. Strut is by others for both assemblies.

QuakeStrut Rigid Seismic Bracing
  • QuakeStrut-1 (model KSSB-1) is designed to mount directly to strut channel with the attachment hardware provided by others. Includes:
  • (1) KSSB-1 bracket
QuakeStrut Rigid Seismic Bracing
  • QuakeStrut-2 (model KSSB-2) is designed with an additional bracket with two strut nuts to mount the bracket to the strut channel without any additional hardware needed. Includes:
  • (1) KSSB-2 full assembly consisting of (1) male and (1) female bracket element,
  • (2) Torque breakaway bolts with (2) strut nuts for attachment to the strut, and
  • (1) Pivot bolt with (1) lock nut

QuakeStrut Applications

QuakeStrut Clevis Restraint Assembly

Clevis Restraint Assembly

QuakeStrut Duct Restraint Assembly

Duct Restraint Assembly

QuakeStrut Hanging Equipment Restraint Assembly

Hanging Equipment Restraint Assembly

QuakeStrut Trapeze Restraint Assembly

Trapeze Restraint Assembly


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