QuietShield delivers significant noise reduction, and provides access for maintenance, without restricting airflow. This cost effective solution allows the air-cooled chiller to operate at normal temperatures.

Air-cooled Chiller Compressor Noise Control

The noise generated by air-cooled chillers is a combination of mid to high frequency noise generated by the screw compressors (bottom of the unit) and low frequency noise being generated by the up-blast fans (top of unit). In order to successfully treat the noise it is important that both aspects are properly analyzed and addressed. When dealing with the compressors many incorporate custom fit sound blocking jackets. Jackets are expensive and often are not reinstalled after routine maintenance is performed.

Kinetics Quiet Shield systems offer high levels of noise control, are cost effective, and provide easy access for maintenance.

A light-weight, cut to size, bolt-together frame, for easy attachment to the underside of the chiller structure. Two models of KQS are available, offering varied degrees of transmission loss. The fiberglass/barrier composites are UV, flame, and rot resistant, and exhibit wide temperature operating range, not affected by moisture, cleanable with a long service life.

Sound Transmission Loss (dB), Frequency (Hz)

  Octave Band Frequency (Hz)
Product 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC
QuietShield-100BQQ 11 16 28 41 50 53 29
QuietShield-200BQQ 16 20 30 40 51 55 33