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Noise Control Ceiling Tile Treatment

Noise Control Ceiling Tile Treatment

Achieve noise control and speech privacy in a lay-in ceiling system where conventional tiles fail with the Kinetics QuietTile System.

KINETICS® QuietTile adds extra mass and sound damping to the back of any ACT selected by the designer, thus substantially reducing sound transmission through the ceiling grid.

  • Achieve CAC ratings of 49-51
  • Select from any readily available lay-in acoustical ceiling tile (ACT)
  • Use with 9/16" (narrow) grid or 15/16" standard grid
  • Tiles are available in nominal 24" x 24" and 24" x 48" sizes
  • Use with regular or tegular edge, fiberglass or mineral fiber ACT
QuietTile LightHood

QuietTile LightHood

Light fixtures are constructed using low mass steel and create a noise “gap” in a ceiling. QuietTile LightHood prevents unwanted reverberation from making it through the noise “gap” by simply laying over the light fixture. QuietTile LightHood options are both versatile and flexible, making installation and field customization painless. The material can also be easily cut for electrical wire and aircraft cable routing. LightHood is Class “A” and Plenum Rated per ASTM E84-20.

Note: for proper sound transmission reduction between partitions and above the ceiling full room coverage is typically required.

STC - Sound Transmission Class

STC measures how much airborne sound passes through a material or a composite assembly. STC is calculated after analyzing the amount of Transmission Loss (TL) at individual frequencies measured in decibels (dB). For example, if the test result reported a TL of 30 @125 Hz, one can expect a 100 dB noise produced at 125 Hz to be reduced to 70 dB on the other side of the tested material.

STC is measured using the product itself, or in a wall or floor/ceiling assembly. Rather than testing the tile itself, to best replicate field conditions KNC tested QuietTile as it lays in standard 15/16" ceiling grid. Furthermore, it was tested without an existing deck. An Acoustical Consultant can calculate the overall STC rating for your deck/QuietTile composite or analyze the noise reduction from HVAC equipment installed in the plenum space between the deck and QuietTile.

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