KINETICS® Raven BoardBlack Ceiling Absorber

Black acoustic tiles are the effective and affordable way to build acoustic ceilings that have excellent sound absorption properties.

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The Raven Board acoustic tile provides an effective and cost-efficient way to ensure a wall or ceiling has exceptional acoustic performance. Made from lightweight acoustic fiberglass board, these tiles can control unnecessary noise, be easily cut to any desired size, and be used to reduce light reflection within a room. This makes it the ideal choice for both lighting and acoustical treatment.

  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Available in 3# and 6# densities
  • Available in 1 and 2 inch thicknesses
  • Max Board Size: 48x96 inches


  • Residential and Commercial –any space where reverberation or reflected noise are an issue
  • Home theatres, media rooms
  • Recording and broadcast studios
  • Clubs, restaurants, entertainment facilities
  • Theatres and performing arts spaces
  • Can be used to reduce light reflection within a room environment


  • Effective Sound Absorption
  • Eliminate unwanted ceiling boundary reflections
  • Control excessive room reverberation
  • Eliminate slap-echo between parallel floor and ceiling surfaces
  • Improve signal-to-noise ratio for listening, recording, and conversation


  • Rigid board equals a low-cost installation
  • Install in ceiling grid or directly to ceiling
  • Easily cut to size with utility knife


Install Raven Board in upper ceiling or in a drop ceiling grid.