Noteworthy Projects


Kinetics Noise Control continues to be a leader in developing tools to aid contractors and designers in designing and specifying appropriate acoustic treatment, vibration mitigation, and seismic restraint devices. Employees of Kinetics have authored dozens of papers on the subjects below and have developed an extensive range of free application related software. This software can be accessed through

Innovative Kinetics engineers hold or have pending sixteen (16) patents. Of these, seven (7) are directly linked to seismic restraint, vibration, and sound control systems.

  • Albert Hall (London): Acoustic Panel Retrofit
  • American University (Cairo): Acoustic Noise Separation - Wall Isolation
  • Baltimore Aquarium (MD): HVAC Vibration Isolation
  • CBC Studios (Toronto): Whole Building Isolation
  • City Center (NV): HVAC Vibration Isolation and Seismic Restraint
  • CN Tower (Toronto): Tuned Mass Damper Stabilizing System
  • Dallas Convention Center (TX): Whole Building Isolation above active rail lines
  • Ford/GM/Chrysler/Honda/ Etc (Misc Locs): Coordinate Measuring Machine Base Isolation
  • GE & RR Jet Engine Test Cells (Canada/US): High Temperature Exhaust Silencers
  • Globo TV (Brazil): Interior Acoustic Treatment
  • H&H Ballroom (Oscar Award Theater) (CA): Acoustic Noise Separation - Floor Isolation
  • McCarran International Airport (NV): Seismic Restraint
  • New York Mercantile Exchange (NY): Interior Acoustic Treatment
  • NPR Washington Studios (DC): Acoustic Separation - Floor/Wall Isolation
  • Ohio State Univ 7 Tesla MRI Isolation (OH): Air Supported Inertia Mass
  • Ronald Reagan Airport Control Tower (DC): Tuned Mass Damper Stabilizing System
  • Time Warner Executive Offices (NY): Interior Acoustic Treatment
  • United Nations (Conference Center) (NY): Interior Acoustic Treatment
  • Wachovia Tower (NC): HVAC Vibration Isolation and Pipe Risers
  • Walt Disney Co. Animation Studios (CA): Interior Acoustic Treatment
  • Walt Disney Memorial Concert Hall (CA): Seismically Rated Interior Acoustic Envelope
  • Washington Subway system (DC): Track Bed Isolation
  • Wright Patt AFB Test Chamber (OH): Acoustic Noise Separation - Floor Isolation