RIM Concrete

Rollout Isolation Material

Rollout Isolation Material

RIM is a high-performance noise control system that is easily installed. The rolls of RIM use acoustic batting to prespace isolation pads. These pads form an airspace—an essential component for noise control.

At the core of RIM’s acoustic performance is the KIP pad. Uniquely permanent and dynamically predictable, this isolation medium provides freedom of design due to its stable natural frequency across a wide range of variable loading situations. The pads are available in different sizes and densities. Further, the spacing can be adjusted in the roll of RIM. Shop drawings, which incorporate pad selection and spacing, are included with the system.

Installation is quick. When installing RIM, each roll is designed so the pads line up with the adjacent unrolled material. After all the material has been laid out, it is either covered with a concrete pouring form or structural concrete panels.

For structures that cannot support the weight of concrete, consider which replacing concrete with a wood composite, find details here.