KINETICS® KIP-SPScored Fiberglass Isolators

Model KIP-SP Fiberglass Isolation Pads are prescored sheets of 1/2" (13 mm) thick Kinetics precompressed molded fiberglass in densities for loading from 5 to 100 PSI (.35 to 7 kg per sq. cm) and in deflections from 0.09" to 0.17" (2 to 4 mm).

Model KIP-SP fiberglass isolation pads are used as a means of protecting supporting structure, or supported equipment from excessive transmission of noise, shock and high frequency vibration and to act as a motion-damping device.

KIP scored pads are versatile and easy to use and reduce the transmission of shock and vibration to the supporting structure. The pads are molded of inorganic fiberglass individually coated with a flexible moisture impervious elastomeric membrane. Fiberglass pads are fine (0.00027 in./ 6.8 microns diameter) bonded annealed glass fibers which are stabilized during manufacture. Fiberglass is unique in that the natural frequency is constant over a wide operating load range and the stiffness increases proportionately with load applied. Kinetics Model KIP Isolation Pads are uniquely permanent and dynamically predictable due to precise manufacturing methods. Standard pad densities are Kinetics Type G, L, and Q.


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Scored Fiberglass Isolators


Kinetics Model KIP-SP fiberglass isolation pads are specifically designed as a noise, shock and high frequency vibration isolation media for use with industrial process equipment. Typical uses of Model KIP-SP fiberglass isolation pads include isolation of general purpose machinery such as band saws, business machines, comparators, conveyors, drills, dust collectors, eyelet machines, gear hobbers, labeling machinery, laboratory equipment, motors, packaging machinery, printing presses, punch presses, riveting machines, saws, sewing tables, shoe machinery, slitters, stamping presses, surface plates, textile carding, spinning and twisting machinery, miscellaneous woodworking machinery, and similar machinery and equipment producing noise, shock, or high frequency vibration.


Vibration isolators shall be precompressed molded fiberglass pads individually coated with a flexible, moisture-impervious elastomeric membrane. Vibration isolation pads shall be molded from glass fibers with fiber diameters not exceeding 0.00027" (6.8 microns) and with a modulus of elasticity of 10.5 million PSI (750,000 kg per sq. cm).

Natural frequency of fiberglass vibration isolators shall be essentially constant for the operating load range of the supported equipment.

Isolation pads shall be provided as prescored sheets, 1/2" (13 mm) high, 18" (457 mm) wide, 18" (457 mm) long and shall be scored on 2" (50 mm) centers each way for ease of separating sheets into multiples of 1/2" x 2" x 2" (13 mm x 50mm x 50 mm) isolation pads.

Vibration isolators shall be selected for each specific application to comply with deflection requirements as shown on the Vibration Isolation Schedule or as indicated on the project documents. Vibration isolation pads shall be Model KIP-SP, as manufactured by Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.