Seismic and Wind Isolation/Restraint

TITAN Modular Seismic and Wind Restraint Vibration Isolator

Modular Seismic and Wind Restraint Vibration Isolator

TITAN is a modular seismic and wind restraint vibration isolator engineered to meet the latest building codes. TITAN is recommended for equipment mounted on a structural frame or concrete inertia base where the top plate of the isolator can be fully utilized.

Seismic Hazard Map

Seismic Hazard Map

This map represents the areas of concern for the IBC seismic restraint requirements. Within each territory, we have highlighted the different requirements depending on the building use.

QuakeLoc Seismic Restraint Connector

QuakeLoc Seismic Cable Restraint Connector

The Kinetics QuakeLocâ„¢ connector quickly and easily fastens cables used in the seismic restraint of piping, duct, electrical cable trays, and suspended equipment.

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