The adoption of the International Building Code has brought with it a multitude of challenges that you, the contractor, have to deal with. Kinetics Noise Control is here to help with their creation of informative manuals and easy to understand seismic certification packets. From the inception of the project to the complete final walkthrough, Kinetics will work with you one-on-one to determine the appropriate solutions to meet the International Building Code.

Today, there are 10 obstacles that the contractor faces when utilizing the IBC building code on a project.

  • Knowing when restraint is required
  • Equipment Location in the building with regards to anchorage issues
  • Anchorage to concrete
  • Concrete housekeeping pads, curbs and structures
  • Equipment durability and interfacing support members
  • Restraint of tall, narrow, floor mounted equipment
  • Not enough room to fit restraints
  • Mixing cables and struts
  • Adherence to the 12" hanger rod or the small duct or pipe exception rules
  • Axial restraint of thermally expanding/contracting piping

With proper planning, a lot of the above obstacles can be prevented and reduce the amount of labor and product cost involved in meeting the IBC code.

Kinetics utilizes a variety of different products to meet the seismic requirements. For suspended equipment, our KSCU seismic cable restraint kits offer an easy to install clip which reduces the amount of installation labor required on typical cable restraints. For floor mounted equipment, there are a variety of vibration isolators and rigid brackets to meet your needs. On curb mounted equipment, the Model KSR, KSCR, KineticsCurb and ESR will offer the restraint and isolation needed.

Kinetics Noise Control has a staff of professional engineers that will perform the certifications and markups required for the IBC code. During the initial engineering phase, our representatives will gather the appropriate project information and complete an online seismic checklist. Once the information is acquired, we will take your as built drawings and mark the recommended placement for seismic restraints need to be based on the project parameters. We also take into account the exemptions that can be utilized to ensure you are getting the most cost effective solution. Included in the submittal packet, will be a stamped certification letter along with detailed job specific product information.

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