Building Owner

The intention of the International Building Code (IBC) is to reduce the rebuilding costs after an earthquake and ultimately the liability to a building owner. The initial added construction costs associated with following the IBC will be much less than the cost to fix a building after a seismic event has occurred. After the Loma Preata earthquake in Southern California, the International Code Counsel discovered that the majority of the buildings were damaged due to mechanical and plumbing failures within buildings. The IBC was introduced to fix this problem by requiring buildings in high seismic areas with high impact to human life to restrain mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment and utilities. Kinetics Noise Control has developed a seismic restraint system that will allow owners to meet the building code requirement while spending as little money and time as possible on seismic restraint. Kinetics Noise Control will work with the design team and the construction team to ensure your seismic restraint project runs smoothly.


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