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Seismic Bulk Cable Restraint Kit
Model KSWC

Seismic Bulk Cable Restraint Kit

Bulk Kit includes parts to field assemble two (2) cable assemblies. Each bulk assembly includes:

*The use of the thimble is optional depending on how the field-assembled end is used. Thimbles are to be used for the following conditions: 1) if SMACNA compatibility is called for, 2) if there is significant dynamic motion expected in restrained equipment, or 3) if there is contact between cable and sharp edge of bracket (hole is ok). A thimble is not required for the standard KSCA bracket.

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Attachment Kits (Optional)
KHRC Adjustable Angle Stiffener
KCHB Clevis Hanger Brace
KSBC Seismic Beam Clamp
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