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Seismic Rooftop Pipe Stands
Model KSPS

Single Seismic Pipe Stand


Kinetics KSPS Seismic Rooftop Pipe Stands are engineered to provide seismic and wind restraint, and to support a run of gas or liquid service piping.

KSPS stands stabilize piping by hard-clamping the piping to an adjustable steel mounting plate on the stand. This connection provides the necessary support the piping needs to act as a stand-alone support/restraint component; when used in accordance with MSS SP-69 table 3. KSPS stands can be used inside a structure or on the roof top.


Kinetics KSPS pipe stands are fabricated from an engineered steel tube, welded to a steel base plate that can be welded, bolted or anchored down to the building structure. KSPS feature an adjustable rigid frame to support a single run of pipe and to maintain the pipe at the proper height and alignment. KSPS is available in three configurations that will support and restrain pipe from 1-1/4" to 5". See the back of this brochure for specifications on each configuration.


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KSPS pipe stands are fabricated from ductile steel components, welded together to provide a continuous support of a single run of piping and meet seismic and wind restraint requirements as needed, per building code. Seismic and Wind, Rooptop Pipe Stands shall be Model KSPS, as manufactured by Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.

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