Seismic Qualifications

In addition to a staff of non-licensed Engineers, Kinetics Noise Control employees include eight licensed Professional Engineers, including three with PhD’s and four with Master’s degrees. Kinetics Noise Control holds and maintains P.E. licenses in over 30 seismically active or high wind probability states, as well as portions of Canada.

Engineers from Kinetics Noise Control participate at the national level in the following organizations: BSSC (Building Seismic Safety Council), ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), ACI (American Concrete Institute), ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers) - TC-2.6 (Sound and Vibration), TC-2.7 - (Seismic Restraint), ASHRAE/ANSI Standard 171 Development - (Testing Standards for Seismic Devices) and VISCMA (Vibration Isolation and Seismic Control Manufacturers Association).

Kinetics Noise Control has been an active supporter and a leader in developing tools to aid contractors and designers in designing and specifying appropriate restraint devices. Recent accomplishments include authorship of the ASHRAE 2003 HVAC Applications Handbook’s Seismic chapter and generation and presentation of several papers on seismic subjects for ASHRAE at the national level and many more at the local chapter level. Kinetics Noise Control supported the development of FEMA’s (3) pocket seismic installation guides at both the basic drafting and oversight levels and has authored papers for VISCMA publication, clarifying IBC code provisions.

Kinetics Noise Control offers extensive practical experience in both design and application. Combined, the licensed Professional Engineers of Kinetics Noise Control have a total of over 200 years of experience in the design of components and systems and of this, over 125 years is directly linked to seismic, vibration and sound control systems.

Kinetics Noise Control is an innovative company. Working over the broadest range of markets of anyone in our industry, Kinetics has designed and provided solutions to a large variety of problems or situations. Some of the markets served include:

  • HVAC Equipment and Piping
  • Industrial Vibration Systems
  • MRI Scanners/Electron Microscopes
  • Architectural Noise Separation
  • Interior Wall Treatments
  • Rigid and Curtain Wall Enclosures
  • Whole Building Isolation
  • Tuned Mass Damping Systems
  • Duct Silencers
  • Jet Engine Testing Silencers
  • Molded Elastomeric Components
  • Mobile Equipment Applications
  • Acoustic Test Chambers
  • Pipe Flexes
  • Riser System Support
  • Seismic Restraint Systems
  • Bomb Blast Mitigation
  • Rail Isolation Systems
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Dynamometers

In developing solutions to these and other design challenges, Kinetics Noise Control and/or its employees hold, or have pending, 16 patents. Of these, seven are directly linked to seismic restraint, vibration, and sound control systems.

Noteworthy Projects

  • Arkansas State Hospital — Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Tucson Medical Center — Tucson, Arizona
  • Emory University Hospital — Atlanta, Georgia
  • Good Samaritan Hospital — Downers Grove, Illinois
  • INDOT — Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Lodge School — Evansville, Indiana
  • Bowling Green Medical Center — Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Casey County Hospital — Liberty, Kentucky
  • Edward Jones — St. Louis, Missouri
  • Monsanto — St. Louis, Missouri
  • St. John’s Hospital Tower B — Springfield, Missouri
  • St. Anthony's Medical Center — St. Louis, Missouri
  • Washington University Biomedical — St. Louis, Missouri
  • Delta Regional Medical Center — Greenville, Mississippi
  • River Oaks Hospital — Jackson, Mississippi
  • Marcus Daly Hospital — Hamilton, Montana
  • City Center — Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Clark County Detention Center — Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Cosmopolitan Podium — Las Vegas, Nevada
  • M Resort — Las Vegas, Nevada
  • McCarren Airport — Las Vegas, Nevada
  • VA Medical Center — Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Wynn Encore — Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Cancer Research Center — University of New Mexico
  • Columbia Orthopedics — New York, New York
  • Penfield High School — Penfield, New York
  • Strong Memorial Hospital — Rochester, New York
  • Dublin Methodist Hospital — Dublin, Ohio
  • Kettering Medical Center — Dayton, Ohio
  • Marietta Hospital — Marietta, Ohio
  • Miami Valley Hospital — Dayton, Ohio
  • Middletown Regional Hospital — Middletown, Ohio
  • Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital — Columbus, Ohio
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital — Memphis, Tennessee
  • Jackson Madison Tower — Jackson, Tennessee
  • Cardiac Care Center — St Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Nathan Hale High School — Seattle, Washington

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