Pipe and Duct Seismic Application Manual

Section Title Revision Date
T.O.C. Table of Contents 12/09/10
RR Revision Record 12/09/10
INTRO Introduction 05/11/09

Part I: Selection of Seismic Restraints for Pipe and Duct

Section Title Revision Date
S1.0 Seismic Restraint Basics for Pipe and Duct 12/17/09
S2.0 Required Basic Product Information 05/28/09
S3.0 Pipe and Duct Component Importance Factor 04/21/08
S4.0 Code Based Exemptions 09/04/09
S5.0 Code Based Seismic Design Forces 02/16/10
S6.0 Anchorage of Seismic Restraints for Pipe and Duct 05/07/09
S7.0 Selection and Location of Seismic Restraints for Pipe and Duct 11/01/10
S8.0 Hanger Rod Reaction Forces and Stiffener Requirements 05/21/09
S9.0 Extreme Temperature Piping Applications 10/28/08
S10.0 Seismic Restraint for Drain, Waste and Vent Lines 11/02/10
S11.0 Seismic Restraint Spacing for Pipe and Duct 05/07/09
S12.0 The 12" Rule Explained 05/07/09
S13.0 Fire Protection Piping Systems 05/07/09
S14.0 Consequential Damage 05/27/09
S15.0 Electrical Distribution Systems 05/07/09

Part II: Installation of Seismic Restraints for Pipe and Duct

Section Title Revision Date
I1.0 Quick Start – Read Me First 12/06/10
I2.0 Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance 05/28/09
I3.0 Cable Restraint Schematics for Piping 12/07/10
I4.0 Cable Restraint Schematics for Duct 12/08/10
I5.0 Structural Attachments for Pipe and Duct Restraints 09/04/09
I6.0 Pipe, Duct, Clevis, and Trapaze Bar Attachments 04/08/09
I7.0 Struts & Stuff 12/09/10
I8.0 Hanger Rod Stiffeners – Why, When, & How 09/08/09
I9.0 Electrical Distributin Systems – Contractor Summary 05/05/09


Section Title Revision Date
A1.1 KSCU & KSCC Seismic Restraint Cable Capacities 04/09/10
A1.2 KSCU & KSCC Non-Isolated Restrained Weight Capacity 04/12/10
A2.1 Standard Steel Pipe Data 01/04/08
A2.2 Fire Protection Pipe Data 04/25/08
A2.3 Cast Iron Soil Pipe Data 04/11/08
A2.4 PVC & CPVC Pipe Data 08/05/08
A2.5 Copper Water Pipe Data 02/23/10
A2.6 Domestic Hot & Chilled Water Piping Corner Data 08/15/08
A3.1 Rectangular Duct Data 07/07/08
A3.2 Round Duct Data 07/09/08
A3.3 Flat Oval Duct Data 11/29/07
A3.4 Sheet Metal Screws Required for Duct Restraint 11/07/07
A3.5 Fillet Weld Size & Length for Duct Restraint 07/11/08
A3.6 ASTM A307 & A325 Bolts Required for Duct Restraint 08/27/08
A4.1 Bolt Data 05/20/10
A4.2 Model KCCAB Wedge Type Concrete Anchor Data 04/09/10
A4.3 Sheet Metal Screw Data 10/31/07
A4.4 Lag Screw Data 10/14/08
A5.1 Estimating Hanger Rod Stiffener Requirements 07/17/08
A5.2 Maximum Un-Stiffened Hanger Rod Length for 0° ≤ A ≤ 45° 07/15/08
A5.3 Maximum Un-Stiffened Hanger Rod Length for 45° ≤ A ≤ 60° 07/15/08
A5.4 AISI Angle Stiffener Data for 0° ≤ A ≤ 45° 07/16/08
A5.5 AISI Angle Stiffener Data for 45° ≤ A ≤ 60° 07/16/08
A5.6 Maximum Rod Stiffener Clamp Spacing for 0° ≤ A ≤ 45° 07/17/08
A5.7 Maximum Rod Stiffener Clamp Spacing for 45° ≤ A ≤ 60° 07/17/08
A5.8 Rod Stiffener Equivalents 08/04/08
A6.1 Maximum Allowable Restraint Spacing – Standard Steel Pipe 07/30/08
A6.2 Maximum Allowable Restraint Spacing – Fire Protection Pipe 07/30/08
A6.3 Maximum Allowable Restraint Spacing – Cast Iron Soil Pipe 07/30/08
A6.4 Maximum Allowable Restraint Spacing – PVC & CPVC Pipe 07/30/08
A6.5 Maximum Allowable Restraint Spacing – Copper Water Pipe 07/30/08
A6.6 Maximum Allowable Restraint Spacing – Ducts 10/28/08
A8.1 Electrical Conduit Data 04/24/09