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Seismic Design Manual

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TOC Table of Contents
TOC 3-1 How to Use This Manual - D Section
TOC 3-2 How to Use This Manual - P Section

Design and Application Guidelines

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D1.0 Kinetics Seismic & Wind Engineering
D2.0 Seismic Building Code Review
D3.0 Product/Design Overview
D4.0 Applying Restraint Capacity Ratings
D5.0 Floor-Mounted Equipment
D6.0 Curb-Mounted Equipment
D7.0 Piping Systems
D8.0 Ductwork
D9.0 Electrical Distribution Systems
D10.0 Suspended Equipment
D11.0 Architectural Element Restraint Systems
D12.0 Recommended Seismic Specifications

Product Details

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P1.0 Seismic Mounting Brackets
P2.0 Isolator/Restraints (FMS Series)
P3.0 Isolator Restraint (FHS/FLS/FLSS Series)
P4.0 Elastomeric Isolator/Restraints (KRMS/RQ)
P5.0 Seismic Bumper/Snubbers (HS Series)
P6.0 RTU Seismic Isolation Systems (ESR/KSR/KSCR)
P7.0 Cable/Wire Rope Restraints
P8.0 Other Required Components (Rod Stiffeners, etc.)
P9.0 Architectural Elements
P10.0 Concrete Anchor Bolts


Section Title
A1 Field Inspections Forms
A2 Housekeeping Pad Design Guidelines
A3 Piping Data Table
A5 Duct Data Tables
A6 Seismic Restraint Testing
A7 Fastener Data
A8 Rod Stiffener Data
A9 Electrial Design Data
A10 Glossary
A11 References