Sound Damp2

Drywall Damping Compound

Drywall Damping Compound

Often after buildings are occupied, noise problems are discovered. At this point it may be too costly and disruptive to remove drywall and add our high STC IsoMax clips. Sound Damp2 allows the easy addition of a layer of drywall, and raises the STC of the wall much higher than drywall alone.

Sound Damp2 can save valuable installation time with its more efficient application method. Damping compounds are traditionally applied with caulking guns. Sound Damp2 replaces tubes and caulking guns with an inexpensive and disposable low-nap roller. Sound Damp2 is applied continuously across the entire back of the drywall sheet, reducing application time and eliminating the guesswork of proper consistency.

Most effective for studs walls spaced at 24" on center

Great for renovations

Reduces Sound Transmission

STC-53 (2x4 wall)

Easy to apply using simple paint roller– 40% time savings over caulking tubes

Odorless after drying

Easy water clean up

5 gallon pail covers 370 sq/ft (11 - 4' x 8' sheets)

No special guns or applicators required

Mildew and water resistant

A secondary benefit of damped drywall, when used in critical listening spaces, is reduced room reverberation times and improved low frequency absorption. The room simply sounds better, more articulate. This room acoustics improvement is often desirable in music performance, recording, and home theater spaces.