• “Can I add Sound Damp2 on the outside of the wall to make it quieter?”

    No, Sound Damp2 is designed to be used between two or more layers of gypsum board, OSB, or plywood.

  • “Sound Damp2 froze solid on the jobsite, is it ruined?”

    No, simply allow for complete thawing and then apply at room temperature.

  • “What kind of surface prep is needed to apply Sound Damp2?”

    If applying to basic, untreated building materials such as gypsum board, OSB, or plywood, no primer or paint is necessary. Reference the installation guidelines for more details.

  • “Can I use Sound Damp2 on exterior or outdoor wall applications?”

    Sound Damp2 can be installed between layers of building materials. However, acoustical performance will decrease as temperature lowers beyond indoor room environments.