Sound Damp2 | Installation Guidelines

  • Notes
    • Store between 40-120˚F (5-49˚C)
    • Apply at room temperature
    • Approximately (11) 4'x8' sheet coverage per 5 gallon bucket
  • Preparation
    • Clean all surfaces free of dust & debris. Surface must be smooth and free of obstructions, such as nails, excess joint compound, etc.
    • Install first layer of wall/ceiling/floor sheathing or gypsum board per material manufacturer’s installation instructions.
    • Use acoustic sealant around all cut-outs.
    • Prepare second layer of material for any cut-outs and clean back surface of dust & debris.
    • Stagger all sheathing or gypsum board seams.
  • Sound Damp2
    • Apply Sound Damp2 over back of second layer with bucket trowel or putty knife. Evenly distribute approximately 55-60 oz. per 32 square foot of wall/ceiling/floor area.
    • Using a short nap paint roller cover, roll to a thin continuous layer.
    • Fasten Sound Damp2 treated layer of sheathing or gypsum board (per manufacturer’s instructions) over first layer area within 10 minutes of application, sandwiching Sound Damp2 between the layers.
    • Apply acoustic sealant around wall and/or ceiling perimeter and penetrations.
    • Clean up with warm water

These application notes represent generally accepted procedures for successful installation of Sound Damp2 Constrained-Layer Damping Compound. These suggestions may be followed, modified, or rejected by the owner, engineer, contractor, and/or their respective representative(s) since they, not Kinetics Noise Control, are responsible for planning and executing procedures appropriate to a specific application. Kinetics Noise Control reserves the right to alter these suggestions and encourages contact with the factory or its representatives to review any possible modification to these application notes prior to commencing installation.