Resilient Floor Underlayment

Resilient Floor Underlayment

Soundmatt is a 5/16" (8 mm) thick underlayment comprised of custom molded glass fibers. After installing the appropriate isolated subflooring, it can be used under most floor surfaces such as hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, quarry tile, marble, wood parquet, and vinyl tile.

Kinetics Soundmatt is the perfect solution for projects where thin underlayments that allow for direct attachment of finished floor materials will not meet performance goals. Soundmatt is more resilient than these products, which translates to better impact noise control.

  • Withstands live loads up to 1000 psf
  • Cuts easily with standard construction knife
  • Lightweight, 4' x 8' x 5/16" sheets; easy to handle and install
  • Approved for use with gypsum concrete, standard concrete, and built-up wood floors
  • Combines impact resilience and airborne sound control in a single thin layer