High ceilings permit late-arriving reflections of sound. Reflectors refocus stage energy to audience members.

Redirecting Sound


Reflectors aesthetically lower ceiling heights and accurately control the reflections that distort music and speech, making large venues more intimate.

Ovation Reflectors

Ovation panels (typically 8' x 8' minimum) reflect sound evenly across audiences. As seats become more distant from the stage, the angle of the reflectors is steepened.

Ovations are made from materials that reflect all frequencies, including hard-to-control lower octave bands. Although Ovation reflectors do not absorb sound, absorption can be added on the top side of the panels.

Another application for Ovation is on walls. Used here, they diffuse sound energy that reflects off sidewall surfaces, breaking up sound waves to prevent pockets of uneven sound.

Finished in:

  • Gel Coat
  • Laminate
  • Wood Veneer

Ovation reflectors are installed on the ceiling. Architectural reflectors have been designed into the side walls. Absorption panels are located along the side and rear walls.

Ovation reflectors (laminate) are mounted in steepened angles in the rear of this space. VersaTune panels line the rear wall, with HighTones diffusers on the sides (clear coat-maple, including trim pieces).

Ovation reflectors are mounted horizontally on the ceiling (gel coat-gloss) and vertically on balcony fronts (laminate). Geometric Diffusers (fabric finish) and HardSide absorption panels are also used in this space.