Gymnasiums | Fitness

Gymnasiums | Fitness

Treating Active Spaces

Controlled acoustic environments help maintain and improve focus on athletic pursuits.

Acoustic Goal

Eliminate the echoes for athletes, coaches, and spectators.

Design Options

Hard perforated finishes or fabric and vinyl coverings. Choose bold or neutral colors and add custom graphics as an option.

Product Attributes

Sound absorbing, impact-resistant, and cleanable.

Deck Treatments

Suspending absorbers horizontally or vertically exposes sound to both sides of the material, making deck treatments a cost-effective acoustic solution.

Wave Baffles

Horizontal Absorber

Attractive and cost effective, hung in a wave-like form in large venues, producing high levels of sound absorption.

Vinyl/Sailcloth Finish


Vertical Absorber

Economical solution with a vinyl layer over an acoustical absorber, ideal for spaces with high ceilings.

Vinyl Finish

Hardside Baffles

Vertical Absorber

Efficient absorption from the bonding of two HardSide panels into two-sided, vertically hung absorbers.

Fabric Finish

HardSide Cloud

Horizontal Absorber

Horizontally suspended panels that achieve excellent absorption in a cloud configuration.

Fabric Finish

Add Absorption to Lower Reverb Times

Gymnasiums: Hard surfaces and large room volumes cause long reverberation times. Targeted times should be under 2 seconds, or even less for better sound and clarity during instruction or public address.

Fitness Centers: Loud music and voice instruction suggest reverberation times under 1.5 seconds.

Arenas: Much larger and boomier than gymnasiums, arenas serve multiple roles, from sporting events to concerts. Add treatment to walls and ceilings to obtain an ideal 1.5 seconds reverberation time.

In the Impact Zone

Impact-resistant acoustical panels should withstand physical blows to their surface without damage. Kinetics offers different finishes and resistance levels, allowing a tailored solution to your activity.

SportsBoard Conform

Sound & Impact Absorber

Contemporary look and extraordinary durability, with perforated and cleanable surfaces.

copolymer Finish

SportsBoard Elite

Sound & Impact Absorber

Fabric over a hidden copolymer layer for exceptional impact resistance in a traditional style.

Fabric Finish

High Impact HardSide

Sound & Impact Absorber

Cost-effective, impact-resistant panels that resist mild to medium impacts.

Fabric Finish

Show Spirit

Increase the dynamics of active spaces with high-resolution graphics on acoustically transparent fabric.

Your logo, artwork, photo, or message adds a visual branding element to the acoustic design.


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