Lobbies | Open Spaces

Lobbies | Open Spaces

Treating Open Spaces

Lobbies come in all forms, from intimate boutique hotels to voluminous multi-story office towers. Acoustical treatments can fit the space and its function.

Acoustic Goal

Reduce echoes and reverberation to appropriate levels.

Design Options

Range from subtle to dramatic with choices of wood, laminate, fabric, and other finishes.

Product Attributes

Sound absorbing wall and ceiling treatments.

Wood Finishes

Absorptive Wood

Make lobbies sound as warm as they look with absorbers from the Acoustical Wood Collection.

Normally reflective, wood surfaces are transformed into aesthetically pleasing acoustical finishes that include a choice of rich wood veneers, hole patterns, matchings, cuts, finishes, and edges.


Sound Absorber

Linear-grooved patterns


Sound Absorber

Micro-perforated patterns


Sound Absorber

Symmetrical hole patterns

Tad Revealed

Sound Absorber


How Much Absorption?

Reverberation time (or T60) refers to the amount of time it takes for sound levels to decay 60 decibels. It is calculated using the square footage of the walls, ceilings, and floors and the reflectivity of the surfaces. Glass, wood, and painted finishes produce high reverberation times.

If your environment needs to be whisper-quiet, aim for reverberation times to 0.6 seconds or less. Want an energizing background buzz for reception areas, lobby restaurants, etc? In these cases, target T60 times for around 1.2 to 1.5 seconds.

Fabric Finishes


Converting the right amount of wall surfaces from reflective to absorptive can make a world of difference to noise levels in large open areas.

Create designs that feature a visual effect, or use finishes that blend into the surroundings.


Sound Absorber

Cost-effective absorbers, efficient in 1" thicknesses for speech frequencies. Flush-mountable on gypsum-board ceilings and walls.

High Impact HardSide

Sound & Impact Absorber

Resists medium impacts and increases absorption in all frequencies. Typically used in hallways and common areas.


Special Finish

Your artwork, corporate logo, picture, or message on acoustically transparent fabric. Compatible with any of these panels.


Ceiling baffles, clouds, and panels can cover large areas attractively and provide effective reverberation control.

Mounting options are many, including vertically or horizontally suspending from the deck, or simply flush-mounting.

Wave Baffles

Horizontal Absorber

Attractive and cost effective, hung in a wave-like form, produces high levels of sound absorption.

Vinyl/Sailcloth Finish


Horizontal Absorber

Effective absorbers for speech frequencies, starting at 1" thick; flush-mounted.

Fabric Finish

HardSide Cloud

Horizontal Absorber

Horizontally suspended panels that achieve excellent absorption in a cloud configuration.

Fabric Finish

Hardside Baffles

Vertical Absorber

Two HardSide panels bonded into a vertically hung absorber, finished on both sides.

Fabric Finish
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