Swimming Pools | Natatorims

Swimming Pools | Natatoriums

Taming Harsh Spaces

Pool areas, with their hard, reflective surfaces, can be uncomfortable acoustic environments.

Acoustic Goal

Eliminate the echoes for swimmers, coaches, and spectators.

Design Options

Create designs with contrasting features for visual effect, or blend treatments into the surroundings with neutral finishes.

Product Attributes

Absorptive treatments with moisture-resistant finishes, for cleanability and corrosion control.

Deck Treatments

Brightly or subtly colored sailcloth and vinyl encapsulate the absorptive core.

Suspending treatments horizontally or vertically exposes sound to both sides of the material, making deck treatments a cost-effective acoustic solution.


Vertical Absorber

Economical, vinyl-encapsulated acoustical absorbers. Specify stainless-steel grommets when hanging in moisture-rich environments.

Vinyl Finish

Wave Baffles

Horizontal Absorber

Attractive and cost-effective, hung in a wave-like form. When hanging in moisture-rich environments, specify stainless-steel grommets.

Vinyl or Sailcloth Finish

How Much Absorption?

Reverberation Time (or T60) is the amount of time sound decays 60 dB. Concrete, tile, glass, even the water surface itself - all highly reflective surfaces - make indoor swimming areas especially reverberant.

Untreated, T60 times can easily reach 5 to 10 seconds, which are uncomfortable, even intolerable, levels. A reasonable T60 target for pool acoustics is 2 seconds.

During the design phase, reverberation times can be modeled. Pre-treatment times are calculated on surface materials and their square footage. The proper amount and type of acoustical products can then be considered to determine an acceptable acoustical environment.

Walls or Ceilings

KNP panels are made from perforated aluminum or steel and are used on walls and ceilings to lower reverberation levels. Select aluminum for maximum corrosion resistance.

The powder-coated finishes of KNP panels allow the selection of virtually any color. Their cleanability permits placement at lower elevations and their finish is perfect for humid, chlorine-rich environments for the lifetime of the project.

LINK: KNP | Perforated Metal Acoustical Panels

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