Starcoustix SX provides remarkable improvements to the finishes, acoustics, and features of starfield ceilings.

APPEARANCE Clean, elegant appearance with precise corners and barely perceptible seams. Other starfield ceilings are a series of individual panels with many visible seams.
ACOUSTICS Customizable acoustics using absorption, diffusion, and reflection to help balance the sound of the room. Other systems typically use basic acoustical panels, which can cause unbalanced sound absorption in the room.

Untreated ceilings are highly reflective to sound, acoustically compromising audio system performance.

Precision placement of TAD panel on ceiling

Engineered acoustical absorbers and diffusers from Kinetics allow for the precise treatment of frequencies across the spectrum of sound.

By optimizing the types, quantities, thicknesses, and placement of treatments, Starcoustix SX provides acoustic balance throughout the room.

HighTones Diffusers


TAD - Tuned Absorber/Diffuser

After the acoustical treatments are installed, fabric sections with fiber-optics are tucked into StretchTRAK. Fiber-optic components are then programmed and activated.

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Features and Capabilities

  • Shooting stars
  • Twinkling stars
  • Fully integrates with control systems
  • Shooting star speed and frequency control
  • Constellations
  • Night-sky images
  • Adjustable brightness for stars and constellations