Invisibly Control Sound

Why StretchTRAK™

StretchTRAK attractively integrates acoustic control into many different areas in a home by hiding acoustical treatments from view. StretchTRAK invisibly controls sound as it reflects off walls and ceilings to lower noise levels to a comfortable level.


The beauty of StretchTRAK is its versatility. Acoustically-transparent fabrics in a variety of patterns and colors provide the color, texture, and style desired by the interior designer for walls and ceilings. Special features including photo-imaged fabric and starry skied can add personal touches to the aesthetic design.


Room with poor acoustics are often noisy and uncomfortable, making it difficult to enjoy friends and family, a television program, a musical recording, or a movie soundtrack.

The versatile performance of StretchTRAK delivers results ranging from basic echo control for most rooms to frequency-specific control in critical listening rooms.


StretchTRAK is a site-built system, crafted to fit within tight tolerances. StretchTRAK allows skilled installers to create crisp details with tight seams and corners within a wide array of wall and ceiling designs.