High Performance Noise Control Underlayment

High Performance Noise Control Underlayment

Hard surface flooring such as ceramic and vinyl tile, marble, and hardwood flooring are today’s preferred materials, but without carpeting to cushion footfalls, impact noise will be heard clearly in the occupied spaces below.

There are a myriad of low-profile noise control underlayments on the market, but physics dictates that the best way to control impact noise is through resilience. The supple qualities of Ultra Quiet SR Floorboard make it a best-in-class continuous underlayment versus the 5 to 20mm thick sound control mats that cannot provide the comforting and code-required noise reduction.

  • Withstands live loads up to 1000 psf
  • Maintains strength even when wet
  • Cuts easily with standard construction knife
  • Very lightweight, 4' x 8' x 1" sheets; easy to handle and install
  • Approved for use with gypsum concrete, standard concrete, and built-up wood floors
  • Combines high resilience and sound absorption in a single layer