VTLFVersaTune Low Frequency

VTLF is an extraordinarily low-frequency absorber, with bass trap style performance at 80 Hz where it removes 85% of reflections while limiting absorption in the high frequencies, all in a slim 2 1/8” thick panel. The result is removing hard to treat low frequencies without over-absorbing the bright higher tones.


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Kinetics maintains a large library of fabric patterns that we have successfully worked with for the past fifty years including popular acoustic fabrics from Guilford of Maine, Maharam, Designtex, and Carnegie. Please contact us if you have any concerns of fabric suitability.


  • 80 Hz bass trap plus broad low frequency performance
  • Low profile 2-1/8" thick panel
  • Mounts direct to the wall or ceiling, no airspace required
  • No heavy wood substrates makes for easy installation
  • Tune the space by pairing with VersaTune and TAD panels for frequency-wide absorption
  • Square, bevel, radius and pencil edge treatments
  • Sizes up to 4 ft. x 10 ft.

Music Rated


Low Frequency

Low Profile

NRC results are not a good indicator of how absorbers perform in a music environment. The room building and finish materials, room shape, and type of music need to be examined before acoustic treatment should be selected.

VTLF excels in frequencies where most panels drop off. Use by itself in areas which contain open-weave upholstery, plush carpeting and drapery.

When using VersaTune and TAD Panels, place in the corners of rooms where low frequencies tend to build.


Versatune Low Frequency Panel

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