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  • VersaTune Low Frequency Panel
  • VersaTune Low Frequency Panel

VersaTune Low Frequency

VTLF is an extraordinarily low-frequency absorber, with bass trap style performance at 80 Hz where it removes 85% of reflections while limiting absorption in the high frequencies, all in a slim 2 1/8” thick panel. The result is removing hard to treat low frequencies without over-absorbing the bright higher tones.

  • 80 Hz bass trap plus broad low frequency performance
  • Low profile 2-1/8" thick panel
  • Mounts direct to the wall or ceiling, no airspace required
  • No heavy wood substrates makes for easy installation
  • Tune the space by pairing with VersaTune and TAD panels for frequency-wide absorption
  • Square, bevel, radius and pencil edge treatments
  • Sizes up to 4 ft. x 10 ft.

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Low Frequency


Low Profile
VersaTune Low Frequency Chart

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