Stud Wall Isolation Strip

Stud Wall Isolation Strip

Kinetics Noise Control’s Wallmat resilient partition isolation pad is a custom molded fiber glass board which resiliently decouples a sound-rated partition from non-isolated structure. Isolation is maintained with the use of KAI which isolates fasteners. Apply Wallmat continuously along the bottom and top plates of a stud wall wherever acoustical isolation is required to maintain a fully effective sound rated assembly.

Flanking of sound through a floor/ceiling assembly can reduce STC (airborne noise) or IIC (impact noise) ratings 10 points or more versus non-flanked sound control construction. Frequently used in conjunction with other Kinetics sound isolation products, Wallmat creates a resilient break to stop sound or vibration from flanking around a sound rated assembly. Neoprene bushing assemblies (KAI) used at each anchor point through the top and bottom plates of the stud wall ensure effective isolation.

Use Kinetics’ KIP Pad technology

Easy to install pre-cut strips

Field cut to length with a utility knife

Continuous resilient support of the partition

Engineered for a wide range of studwall loads

Use KAI isolation bushing assemblies for 100% resilient separation

Use for both top and bottom plate installation

UL Rated assemblies available