Noise Control Ceiling Hanger

Noise Control Ceiling Hanger

A unique noise control ceiling hanger in a class by itself, the WAVE Hangers offers 1/2" deflection spring hanger performance with the spacing and ease of installation of a sound clip. The leaf spring design delivers exceptional noise control at annoying lower frequencies, while a thin sound underlayment prevents noise transfer into adjacent units.

Greatly outperforms resilient channel in controlling “thuds” (Low Frequency)

Two IIC 56+, STC 60 assemblies, without gypsum/lightweight concrete

Low Flooring Profile – IIC 56/57 (ceramic tile/wood) performance with only 1/8 inch (3mm) floor buildup

Use with KINETICS® IsoLayment QT (3-mm) noise control underlayment

Simple Floor/Ceiling Designs:

Highest performance-to-cost value for wood-framed floor/ceilings

Fastens to all wood structural framing

Fire-rated assemblies cover all types of typical wood joists/trusses

Cement board buildup not required beneath ceramic tile

Seismic categories: A, B, C, D, E, F

Fast and simple – No more pinching furring channel into clips!

Fasteners supplied