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Duct Silencers – Types, Performance and Proper Application

Airborne noise generated from HVAC equipment is a concern in commercial and industrial buildings. Duct system components allow the sound to transfer from AHU/RTU’s along both supply and return air paths to critical occupied spaces. The most common, cost effective method to control this noise to acceptable levels is to design proper duct silencers within the air paths. Join Kristen Neath to learn more about duct silencers, their use, proper application and performance characteristics in this 30 minute overview.

  • Thursday, September 10, 2:00 PM EST
  • Thursday, September 24, 2:00 PM EST

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Vibration Isolation for Mechanical Systems

From August 2020, in this 20 minute webinar, Lee Chiddention gives an introduction to mechanical system vibration isolation. This brief presentation focused on Vibration isolation Selection, ASHRAE isolation types, briefly covered in-curb acoustical treatments, and concluded with how Kinetics can assist with delegated design and certification.


Home Theater Acoustics

From July 2020, Jason Ehrlich, Strategic Marketing Administrator, delivers a brief introduction of Home Theater acoustics. Home Theaters are a challenging environment to tune due to the broad frequency of sound not found in other environments. Jason looks at some of our "music rated" absorbers, explore a list of materials typical of a theater, and look at a professional package where room treatment has been laid out specific to the selected audio equipment.


Air-Cooled Chiller Composite Noise Control Solution

From June and July 2020, Noise emanating from air-cooled chillers into critical areas: screw compressors (bottom sides of unit) generate mid/hi frequency noise; up-blast fans (top of unit) generate low/mid frequency noise. A common approach is to control noise from only one of these noise sources. Kinetics offers engineered solutions to control noise emanating from both sound sources, taking into account proper equipment operation, maintenance access and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Listen to this 20-min, prerecorded webinar, by John Sofra to learn more.


Concrete Noise Control Construction: Spring hangers for Isolated Ceilings

From May and June 2020, in this 20 minute prerecorded webinar, Jason Ehrlich discusses the features of various spring hangers used in concrete construction. He looks at an interesting series of acoustical tests that were fun using a 6" concrete slab and the same hanger. Finally he tours a new product page and reviews new tools that are available to designers.


Noise Rated Ceiling Tiles

From April 2020, in this 20 minute webinar, Jason Ehrlich discusses Noise Rated Ceiling Tiles. Walls are often blamed for noise problems when the real culprit might be the ceiling. He details the current product offerings for noise-rated acoustical ceiling tiles while giving an overview of related acoustic terms.


In-plant/Facilities | Engineering Controls Solution

From April 2020, in this 20 minute webinar, John Sofra presents a Kinetics engineered control solution for manufacturing process workplace sound reduction. The solution examined required noise reductions of 105 dBA to 85 dBA at 19'-0" from a tongue and groove machine, and 101 dBA to 85 dBA at 5'-0" from a sander machine.