MetaWrx is a new class of isolator designed by HyperDamping, Inc. and offered exclusively by Kinetics in a forward-thinking collaboration.

MetaWrx exploits an integrative structural-material design to maximize damping of shock and vibration loads. The MetaWrx isolator leverages principles of structural engineering to convert the applied transverse loads to lateral bending and stretching of the beam network, thus maximizing damping for enhanced transmission loss and minimal residual vibration on the surface of applied load. This means that MetaWrx is a technological leap in the formulation of floor isolation: creating a black hole for vibration and shock energy in the path from source to receiver. Using MetaWrx for floor isolation improves the quality of user experience both in and outside of the room where shock, noise, and vibration occur.

MetaWrx is ideal when both transmitted noise and reflected vibration must be suppressed. This is of utmost importance in fitness facilities, dance studios, performing spaces, and other facilities using lightweight low-profile floor build-ups. MetaWrx ideal for spaces that otherwise struggle to meet isolation metrics with conventional polymer isolators or spring suspensions. With its thin design, it is a good match for low-profile floor build-ups that need to satisfy strict space requirements for installation.

Benefits of MetaWrx

  • Superior shock, vibration attenuation
  • Repeatable performance, long life
  • Broad material and temperature compatibility
  • High load bearing
  • Low compression set
  • Easy installation
  • Meets and exceeds building code criteria while maintaining desired floor/ceiling height

Audio from Acoustical Tests

Tapping machine impact noise levels recorded in Intertek Laboratories. Acoustical Test Results

BEFORE Test Buildup Description
6" thick normal weight concrete + 3 layers 3/4" thick plywood buildup – IIC 49 HIIC 54

AFTER Test Buildup Description
6" thick normal weight concrete + 3/4" thick MetaWrx isolators spaced 24" o.c. with R6.7 insulation + 3 layers 3/4" thick plywood buildup resting on isolators – IIC 61 HIIC 66

What Makes This Possible?